Why every family should visit the Butterfly Valley

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June 16, 2021
A magical well preserved place in Rhodes, The Valley of Butterflies.
August 11, 2021

Why every family should visit the Butterfly Valley

Rhodes is a versatile destination, full off various activities for everyone’s taste. It is challenging to find sights you can visit, if you have children, as they tend to get bored easily and need to explore new things to keep them interested! The Valley of Butterflies will be the perfect place to bring your family!

A walk among the valley

This area is located in the northern part of the island, just 10 kilometers from the airport and 26 from the city center. Since it is so far away from the town, you will surely enjoy some tranquil and relaxing moments while being surrounded with nature. The valley offers a trail to follow that is filled with paths made of stone and wooden bridges above the flowing waters. The whole place is covered in tall and herbaceous pine, plane, and bulrush trees, as well as the famous “Zitia” or Oriental Sweetgum Trees which form a natural forest, one of the only ones in Europe. Breathe in the fresh oxygen produced by the trees as you walk through the gorge. Admire the stunning ponds and of course, the small river Pelekanos and the small endless waterfalls with the cool splashing water. All these create a dreamy atmosphere along with the fluttering and chirping of the cicadas and the birds living in the forest. It will pose as the perfect opportunity to create some significant memories with your loved ones and bond throughout this experience.

Interactive learning process

Some didactic outcomes could come out of your visit. The park hosts the enchanting Panaxia Quadripunctaria or Jersey Tiger, which migrates to Rhodes from May to September. There are more animals like crabs, ducks, spiders, and beetles hiding or in plain sight. This is your chance to let your little ones know some facts about each animal. Explain them how they are born, their growing and mating process. The museum of Natural History that houses some embalmed animals and the hatchery of butterflies will display some vital information that your kids will definitely find fascinating. The life cycle of butterflies is one of the most captivating phenomena that occurs in nature continuously and it is important for your offspring to know the process. They will end up having a greater understanding of Mother Nature and its beings. It will help them treat the Earth more respectfully too!

Play and Interact with Animals

In 25.000 sq. meters ostriches, kangaroos, deers, wild boars, ponies, goats, a camel and different other animals await for you.

The best thing is that you can interact with them by petting and feeding them, even taking selfie photos.

Visit the Farma of Rhodes

Put the Valley of Butterflies on top of your things to do in Rhodes island, when you arrive! Cherish the magnetic and full of greenery landscape, smell the blossoming flowers, watch the butterflies on the tree trunks and feel the chilly refreshing breeze from the river’s water! You will want to return as soon as you leave this setting!

Why every family should visit the Butterfly Valley
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