Visit the Valley of Butterflies. A unique sightseeing in Rhodes!

Unique Landscape

Apart from its aesthetic value, it is also the site of the only natural forest of Liquidambar orientalis or in Greek “Zitia” (Oriental Sweetgum trees) in Europe, and a resting point for the Panaxia Quadripunctaria (Jersey tiger), a nocturnal moth. These trees secrete special substances that attract the butterflies making the valley a breeding place for the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria. This is a rare habitat that hosts the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria, which makes its appearance in this unique natural park in the period from May to late September.

Visitors can witness a spectacular phenomenon which occurs only rarely in nature. Huge numbers of butterflies congregate in this small valley during the final stage of their life cycle. Every year, at the end of the wet season (May), thousands of butterflies attracted by the scent of the Oriental Sweetgum trees cover the entire landscape. They are actually adult insects that follow the waterways and migrate here to reproduce (females leave for other suitable areas to lay their eggs in the early fall) due to the high humidity of the area.

At the time of visiting, the butterflies sleep on the shady sides of logs of trees or around the roots. The sight of the colony itself is magical but if the butterflies are awake they form a cloud, which is very impressive as it reveals the orange color of their feathers.

Visit The Valley

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Near the Valley of Butterlies

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